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Sensory Integration At Home

Sensory integration is a process of the brain that allows us to take in information we receive from our 5 senses and organize and respond to it accordingly. Another aspect of our senses is our vestibular (balance) and proprioceptive (spacial/body awareness).

Some children have difficulties with motor skills, balance as well as hand-eye coordination. Occupational Therapy and Sensory Integration activities can help regulate sensory processing imbalances.

Read on for 5 Fun Sensory Integration Ideas to do at home:

1. Mini-Trampoline

  • This is a great activity that supports proprioceptive senses and helps improve motor functioning and strength. Have your child bounce for a few minutes at home - it's great way to release extra energy or raise energy for those who are feeling low.

2. Thera-putty

  • We like to put marbles in Thera-putty and let our kiddos find and pull them out! It's a great game that encourages fine motor skills, dexterity and problem solving.

3. Spinning

  • Sit and spins or merry-go-rounds are great activities for vestibular senses. It helps develop core strength, spacial awareness and balance.

4. Sensory Siesta

  • Have a corner of the room dedicated for sensory input or sensory breaks depending on your child's needs. A beanbag chair and comfy pillows are always great!

5. Guess that Smell

  • Have your child cover their eyes or use a blindfold to guess different smells: peanut butter, oranges, and essential oils are great to use!



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